Reiki Untuk Diri Sendiri


Reiki Hand Placements
First Hand Placement
There are twelve basic hand placements used when giving yourself a Reiki treatment. First position: Palms of your hands are placed against your face, cupping your hands over your eyes lightly and fingers upon your forehead. No pressure needed - touch lightly!

Crown and Top of the Head

Reiki Hand Placements
Place your hands on both sides of your head, heels of your hands resting near your ears, fingertips touching at the crown.

Back of the Head

Reiki Hand Placements
Crossing your arms behind your head place one hand on the back of your head and the rest the other hand directly above the nape of your neck.

Chin and Jawline

Reiki Hand Placements
Rest your chin inside the palms of your cupped hands, allow your hands to wrap themselves along your jawline.

Neck Collarbone and Heart

Reiki Hand Placements
Grasp your neck comfortably inside the V formed by your thumb and fingers. Lower your other hand and rest it between your collarbone and heart center.

Ribs and Rib Cage

Reiki Hand Placements
Place your hands on your upper rib cage directly below the breasts. Relax your bent elbows.


Reiki Hand PlacementsPlace your hands on the tummy (solar plexus area) above our navel, allowing your fingertips to touch.

Pelvic Bones

Reiki Hand PlacementsPlace one hand over each pelvic bone, again, allowing your fingertips to touch.

Shoulder Blades and Midback

Reiki Hand PlacementsReach your arms over your head, bending your elbows and placing your hands on your shoulder blades. Alternatively, place your hands on top of your shoulders if you cannot reach your shoulder blades comfortably. For the midback placement, reach behind your back with elbows bent and place your hands on the center of your back.

Lower Back and Sacrum

Reiki Hand Placements
The final two placements are the lower back and the sacrum. Reach behind your back, elbows bent and place your hands on your lower back region. Lastly, lower your arms and place your hands on your sacral region.

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