Reiki Hand Positions for Self Treatment

These positions are for self treatment. They basically correspond to the positions
used when treating others.

Corresponding to Head 1 (H1)
Put your hands together covering the eyes.

Treating: Third Eye chakra. Face, sinus, ear, nose and throat, lymph, stress, "burn out", colds, pituitary gland, hormone imbalances and all kinds of lymphatic diseases.

Corresponding to Head 2 (H2)
Wrists together with the right and left hands' palms over the temples.

Treating: Stress, tiredness, headache, brain-problems connected to epiphysis, pituitary gland, immune defense, hormone imbalances, nerves. Mental and emotional problems, concentration etc.

Corresponding to Head 3 (H3)
Hands at the side of the head, slightly cupped over the ears.

Treating: Ear, nose and throat problems, colds, balance, hearing. The ears have many points used in acupuncture, these points will affect a variety of problems.

Corresponding to Head 4 (H4)
Put your hands together like in a "bowl" and cover the back of your head.

Treating: Stress, worry, headache, colds etc. Brain, neck and back problems, spinal nerve problems.

Corresponding to Body 1 (B1)
Hold hands and fingers so they form a "tent" above the throat. (Don't touch the throat, doing this is usually unpleasant.)

Treating: Chakra 5. Throat, thyroid gland, thymus, parathyroid. Anxiety and disability to communicate and express oneself.

Alternative position

Corresponding to Body 2 (B2)
Hold the hands over the collarbone and breastbone.

Treating: Lung area, thymus, throat, asthma, allergies, the disability to accept things.

Corresponding to Body 3 (B3)
Breast position.

Treating: Chakra 4. Heart, thymus, lungs, Asthma, allergies, circulation problems, immune system, emotional problems etc.

Corresponding to Body 4 (B4)
Solar plexus position, under the breasts and over the lower ribs.

Treating: Chakra 3. The sternum system, lungs, pancreas, liver, spleen, gallbladder. Digestive problems, stress, worry, nervousness, control etc.

Corresponding to Body 5 (B5)
Place the hands in the middle of the stomach area, approximately around the navel area.

Treating: Chakra 2. Digestive organs, liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, adrenal gland. Depression, emptiness, disability to feel happiness.

Corresponding to Body 6 (B6)
Hands by the pubic bone. Angle your hands so they follow the groin.

Treating: Chakra 1 and 2. Reproduction system, testicles, ovaries, kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary problems. Tiredness, weight problems, sexual problems physical and emotional.

Corresponding to Back 3 (BA 3)
Hands approximately at the middle of the back above the kidneys.

Treating: Stress, allergies, relationship problems. Heart and lung area, kidneys, adrenal glands, lymph and diaphragm.

Corresponding to Back 4 (BA4)
Lower back, below the waist.

Treating: Chakra 1, pelvic area, reproductive system, digestive system etc. Relationship and emotional problems.

Corresponding to Legs 1 (L1)
Kneecaps, place one hand above the kneecap and one hand under the knee. Treat each knee separately.

Treating: Knee injuries. Disability to bend (mentally). Headache, stiffness in the neck. Energy blockage in the lower body.

Corresponding to Legs 2 (L2)
Ankles, do each one separately. Hold your hands in the position most comfortable for you.

Treating: Energy blockages, problems with neck and throat, thyroid gland and lymph. Problems in the pelvic area.

Corresponding to Legs 3 (L3)
Feet, treat each one separately. One hand should cover the sole of the foot, otherwise hold in the most comfortable position for you.

Treating: The feet contain reflex zones for all the organs in the body. All the organs and chakras will be treated. Grounds and calms you!

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