A Crucial Timeline to Become a Reiki Therapist

In this timeline it is a blessing to become a Reiki therapist!
The actual 2012 Galactic Shift is an extremely crucial aspect of humanity, because we enter the cycle of the -so called - Golden Age, where humanity shifts from material behavior with all the visible distorted effects into a spiritual age, where aspects of love and joy rule.
Love and joy - what does it mean?
That simply means that can share our inner feelings of love more open to our environment. All the fear and protection mechanism will fade away. This is especially facilitating all healing.
Health will not anymore be controlled by pharmaceutical interest or the selfish medical community which wants to hold the grip on the power of humans.
The human race has given away its power eons ago - now it’s time to get it back.
So let’s take responsibility back and heal yourself and help others by getting a Reiki therapist
Once you intend to become a Reiki therapist, you will enjoy its beauty. Check out what you will get from a Reiki Therapist Course:
- Reiki therapist Level I Attunement
- Reiki therapist Level II Attunement
- Reiki therapist Attunement Master
Every attunement brings you into a new energy level of awareness. This is a result of an energetic shift of your chakras that brings in new understanding of pattern or behavior, which you were not able to perceive before.
Furthermore, you will be more aware of your clients aura and energy field, since your intuition and direct cognition has become more sensitive. Stay objective and passionate, but keep a healthy distance. Your energy field might get drained. Be aware!
If you choose to become a Reiki therapist, you also choose to enhance your spiritual evolution. Sooner or later everybody has to, because there are no exceptions. You only have the free will to prolong it.
This is why I mentioned in the beginning the 2012 scenario, where at that point of evolution everybody has to make choices. If you choose to stay blind to whom you really are and what life means in its real truth, you might experience many personal problems on the physical or emotional level. If that will happen, be glad, because your Higher Guides will awake you to the Truth of love and peace.
If your choice is the path of fear and material compensation, you will come to the point in your evolution where you will reflect and laugh about your acceptance of pain and hardship. Choose the path of healing and spirituality. Choose to be a Reiki therapist. Choose life.

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