Libretto - Tablet 2 sisi dari Toshiba

Ready to go places and do things smartphones, slates or tablets simply won't? Introducing our libretto line of concept PCs - revolutionary dual-screen PCs that offer a full Windows® experience. Topping a quarter century of innovation, they'll show you a whole new way to explore your world.
  • Breakthrough Design

    Staying true to their Toshiba heritage, these ultra-mobile concept PCs stands out in the market when it comes to cutting-edge design. Their light clamshell casing lets you tuck them away neatly-no matter where you are going. Dual multi-touch screens offer virtual keyboards and a "soft" track pad that lets you navigate, type, click and browse any way you like. And they turn vertical, making it easy to read ebooks!


  • Mobility Evolved

    Our libretto ultra-mobile concept PCs do what smartphones fear and go where notebooks are scared to tread, providing a full PC and rich Internet experience in a super-small handheld design. You will definitely have the freedom to savor your media almost anywhere. This includes enjoying seamless emailing and the Office apps you cannot live without. You will also be able to chat face-to-face with people close to your heart. Put it simply, these trend-setting PCs take you and your mobility one step beyond.

  • Incomparable

    The libretto family delivers what you have been waiting for: the freedom, convenience and richness of Windows® 7 wherever and whenever the moment strikes. Offering power-efficient Intel® processors, they let you easily jump from one thing to the next, or multi-task everything at once. As for Internet, you will be browsing, shopping, posting and sharing in more places than ever.


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