How to Install Office 2007 in Ubuntu


  1. Download Wine.
  2. Install Wine.
    Run the Terminal. Go to Applications->Accessories->Terminal.
    Entering the following code into the Terminal to add the Wine repository’s key to your system’s list of trusted APT keys:
    sudo wget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -

    Entering the following code into the Terminal to add the repository to your system’s list of APT sources:
    sudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/hardy.list

    -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list

    Run the following command to update APT’s package information:
    sudo apt-get update

    Install Wine by going to Applications->Add/Remove and searching for Wine.
    install wine
  3. Configure Wine.
    Run Wine. Go Applications->Wine->Configure Wine.
    Inside the Applications tab, set the Windows Version as you want.
    set the windows version
    Inside the Drivers tab, click "Autodetect" button to assign a driver letter.
    driver setting
    Install winetricks by entering the following into the Terminal:
    sh winetricks msxml3 dotnet20 gdiplus riched20 riched30 vcrun2005sp1

    This will automatically install the following components:Microsoft XML Parser/Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0/Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003/Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1.
    When wintricks is finished, it will appears as follows.
    finish install wine
    Navigate folder: ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
    Make a backup of a .dll file, and rename rpcrt4.dll to rpcrt4.bak.
    Download a new version of rpcrt4.dll and place it in the Wine system32 folder.
    Open up the Wine Configuration tool again and click the "Libraries" tab. In the "New override for library" field, enter rpcrt4.dll, then click the "Add" button.
    wine configuration
  4. Install Microsoft Office 2007. After Wine is all setup, you can install Office 2007.
    Navigate to your CD-ROM drive and click setup.exe.
    Enter your product key
    Click the "Install Now" button. You can chose which components that you want to install by clicking the "Customize" button. You can also enter your name, initials and company name.
    install office 2007

    install office 2007 ubuntu
  5. Clean Up Wine Installation Settings.
    Navigate back to Wine’s system32 folder.
    Delete the downloaded rpcrt4.dll.
    Rename rpcrt4.bak back to rpcrt4.dll.
    Open winecfg (ALT+F2, winecfg) and remove the rpct4 override we placed in the Libraries tab.

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