Satu OS untuk Semua (TV, PC, Laptops, Netbook, Tablets, Phone?)

Welcome to the family

Ubuntu now loves the tablet, alongside the phone, PC and TV.

Ubuntu on tablets

Ubuntu delivers a stylish and groundbreaking new experience on today’s tablets. With secure multi-user accounts and the ability to run two apps side-by-side for true productivity, it’s taking touch to the enterprise in a whole new way. It has a full PC and thin client built-in. Dock it with a keyboard and mouse for a complete desktop with a wealth of native and web apps available, and access to remote Windows apps over protocols from Microsoft, Citrix, Wyse and VMWare.
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Ubuntu on phones

Ubuntu is coming to the phone this year, with a fast, beautiful interface that runs well on entry-level smartphones up. At the high end of the market, it makes convergence ‘superphones’ possible, with Ubuntu’s phone interface in your hand, switching to the PC interface when docked with a monitor
and a keyboard.
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Ubuntu for Android

Can’t wait for Ubuntu on the phone? With Ubuntu for Android, you can have a phone that runs the familiar Android interface on the move, and also gives you a full PC installation of Ubuntu when docked with a keyboard and screen. Seamless integration lets Android and Ubuntu run simultaneously on the phone, with live coordination of all key data – for 21st century mobile productivity magic.
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Ubuntu TV

Create a simpler smart TV with Ubuntu. Give viewers all the broadcast services, online content and digital features they’ve come to expect, via one user-friendly interface and more importantly, one remote control.
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One platform for all your screens

The truly unique thing about Ubuntu is that it was designed for total convergence; one family of interfaces, one codebase, one developer story. One ecosystem, from the phone to the desktop and beyond, built on proven and reliable technology that has matured and evolved over 8 years. One platform, with millions of users and an existing base of experienced developers.
The family of Ubuntu devices is complete, TV, decktop, tablet, phone

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