[Tutorial] How to bypass Broadband limit 3 *Updated from 2

Lets face it, you CAN'T.

I know, I know.. I did write an entry before on how to bypass your broadband limit using a CMD 'ping' command. Well, it did work at that time.. Its true. I used it myself back then. But time changes, and for your ISP company's policy its doubly so. The thing is, nowadays whenever you hit the bandwith cap, they will just simply cut off your internet line until you make a payment to increase the bandwith for the month (or for the day) depends on which service provider that you choose.

But with the recent event of internet censorship, website banning, people jailing, and more.. hey, there's a case where a person got jailed just because he posted something in his facebook saying something bad about the police force. In his facebook! I mean, who could've seen his post other than his friends and peers? Well apparently the government is watching your post too. So, try not to tell everyone how big is your shit in the can every morning. The government keeps track on your shit, you know.

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However, I'm a man that believe in freedom of speech, democracy.. and all of that stuff. So yes, let see if there any tips and tricks left for us to use to maximize our broadband speed and use it to watch some porn.
Seriously, you better watch some porn instead of informative or political video in the Youtube. Discussing or debating about one country's military hardware and political issues could get you branded as enemy of the state and jailed for being an ungrateful yet well educated traitor rat bastard.

Now the 'ping of death' trick no longer work, because by now the ISP company already figured out how to deal with it. They simply forgo the maintenance of their signal towers altogether, causing your broadband signal to deteriorate in time of usage making the connection disconnected at random interval, hence the ping failed to maintain a constant connection. Apparently its very effective, because due to the users were able to increase the quality of their own internet connection, the ISP company decided that they no longer needed to upgrade their services, ever.

Another trick, was using proxy and changing DNS server. Using proxy have its own downside. Because you are using someone else connection, it could cause that whoever generous enough to give you his proxy, to access your internet browsing history and and intercepting sensitive information that you send across the network. Using the DNS protocol only works if you know the inside info which highly unlikely for the public to know. You can use OpenDNS, but it a public DNS so everyone else would be using the same fast DNS which in turn makes it slow back again..

And.. there is one more. Using the VPN (Virtual Private Network). There is alot of VPN out there, and not all actually allows you to bypass the broadband limit. Yes, VPN only speed up your internet connection with an extra security from being intercepted by anonymous user or tracked by the government or something.. Also, it allows you to access any website that is censored by the government or blocked by your ISP. From my understanding, the broadband limit is still there, because you know, you still logged to your ISP broadband.
When they say unlimited, what they mean is that you can access, download and upload anything that you want without being restricted. That is all to it.. If there is a VPN that allow you to bypass the broadband quota, it would be illegal, and a sweet sweet... sweet crime.. Of course I'm not telling you that. Cough cough..

Hey, its a new world now.
Sharing... can get you jailed!

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