Complete Guide To Dual Boot Windows 8/8.1 & Ubuntu

Complete Guide To Dual Boot Windows 8/8.1 & Ubuntu

If you want to try Ubuntu Linux on your computer but don’t want to completely wipe Windows 8 from your PC, then follow this guide to dual boot Windows 8/8.1 and Ubuntu. The process is not that much hard as you are thinking but in-fact you just need to go through few simple steps to enjoy Linux in dual boot environment with Windows 8.
Please note that this guide is about installing Ubuntu on computer with Windows 8 or 8.1 already installed. Installing Windows after installation of Ubuntu is different process which were are going to cover in this post.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8/8.1 & Ubuntu

First of all download Ubuntu latest version from here and then burn the ISO file onto USB flash drive or DVD.
dual boot windows 8 ubuntu
Now first thing you need to do is to create partition for Ubuntu. Open run and type “diskmgmt.msc”there and hit enter. Now right click on the partition where you want Linux to be installed and select “Shrink Volume”. Select the size of the partition and click on “Shrink” button.

Now since you have created a partition for Ubuntu, we are all set to start the installation of Ubuntu on this hard drive partition. Restart your computer and then boot it from USB Flash drive or DVD (on which you have mounted the Ubuntu ISO).

When your computer is successfully booted from installation media, click on “Install Ubuntu”. On next Window, select “Something Else” Option. Next select the partition you have created for Ubuntu and let the installation begin. Once the installation is completed, your computer will restart. Restart your computer and you will be asked for whether you want to boot into Windows 8 or Ubuntu.

This was simple guide related to dual boot Windows 8/8.1 & Ubuntu. If we missed any step or you are having difficulty achieving the required results, then let us know.

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