[Tutorial] Can VPN bypass broadband quota?

[Tutorial] Can VPN bypass broadband quota?

Is it possible that VPN could bypass your broadband service provider imposed quota? I know that alot of people are looking a way to bypass their limited broadband quota. In fact, I do receive a few emails from my old friends asking the same thing. But one of the emails caught my attention. One of my friend, finally ask the perfect question. The question started like this, 'What is the best VPN service to bypass or have unlimited broadband quota?'. But then he proceeded to ask another question to clarify about his doubt which is, 'Actually, can VPN even bypass the broadband quota?'. 
That my friends, is what you should ask first and foremost before you subscribes to any VPN at all. So what exactly does a VPN actually do? And why do they promote their services by flinging around words like 'unlimited' and 'unrestricted'? Does it mean like when a whorehouse advertise that you can get to fulfill every nasty fetishes possible in this world only in their premises but actually they just gonna put you to sleep and mug you blind, or does it mean like that time when you send your car to a workshop and the mechanic uses some fancy and confusing jargon asking you to pay this and replace that but in the end your car still going smoky on you while in the middle of the road back to your house? 
Press Read More... to finally get the answer that has been bugging you ever since your internet connection have been throttled by your local lying stinking internet service provider.

You must understand that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That alone should be sufficient enough to explain that the VPN services is not your ISP (Internet Service Provider). There is a, HUGE, difference between those two and almost with certainty without doubt that actually unrelated at all. 
Imagine, that the VPN is like a tunnel. And that tunnel would go underground protecting you from government prying eyes and censorship of internet. With this tunnel, you can go anywhere and access whatever you want without restriction. Now imagine the ISP, which is like a door that LEADS to that tunnel. So what does that makes the bandwidth? The bandwidth, is like the size of the door. The bigger the door is, the more could go through, hence more upload/download ratio. 
A lot of people mistakenly thought that by subscribing to a VPN service, it will allow the user to exceed the bandwidth limit. Well yes, I couldn't blame you though. They did advertise that their services would do just that. And also people did spread the misinformation because they themselves misunderstood what the VPN actually do to their internet surfing experience.

Here is what VPN actually do; they gives you anonymity while surfing the internet, allowing access to restricted or censored websites, and also increase your internet surfing speed. Yes, they do INCREASE your internet speed. The tunnel, remember? So VPN is like this huge tunnel that you could use to download/ upload as fast as you can, limited only by the size of your bandwidth which is the door.
But thats the thing, the bandwidth quota is like how much things you could get through the door, before it is closed. For example, you have subscribed to your local ISP package of 1.5GB data plan. That means you could only download data as much as 1.5GB before your connection to the internet is disconnected and the broadband software window would prompt you to go to the nearest ISP branch and make another payment, or no bueno. So here you can see how utterly useless it is your so called unlimited VPN when you couldn't connect AT ALL to the internet. Without the door, you can't get into the tunnel.

What the VPN advertise about with the word of 'unlimited' and 'unrestricted' actually means that you have access to any websites that you possibly want to go like, you know, porn or left-wing political websites. That is what unlimited really means. They won't restrict or censor any websites, at all. Also, they won't throttle your internet speed. If they do, then you might want to find another VPN services because you just got duped..
So does this means that you got screwed over by that lying rat bastard of a VPN services? NO. The thing is, the VPN can actually help you bypass the bandwidth limitation IF you could still connect to the internet. Due to the different service policy between the ISP companies, some might terminate your access to the internet until you pay them another heap of money, while other would just throttle your internet speed but STILL allow you access to the internet. It is the other one that still allow you access to the internet that can help you bypass the bandwidth limitation (Large tunnel remember? All we need is the door to open). What, you never see an ISP package that provides unlimited connection? Tough luck for you.
One might argue that if one were to subscribe to a ISP package and then subscribes a VPN services, wouldn't that incurred more cost? Why can't the ISP just, let it loose? Well, I can't answer for that. Different country have different policy on internet censorship and business practices. Sometimes people are just willing to pay more, to gain access to a wider world. 
It is the part that some ISP company actually limit the download volume is what raising the question of, why? I mean when you download, you save in your hard drive, right? So why must the ISP companies care of how much the user downloads anyway? Every time the user open a webpage, that webpage must be downloaded into the user's own internet temporary folders in order to properly view the webpage. So with 1.5GB package plan, you can open Facebook pages about, a few thousand times including all the picture albums, video, status update and more.. So why?
*need you ask when I've already mention 'pay a heap of money' earlier?
That all for today, if you wanted to try it for yourself how does  it feel to use a VPN, I can recommend the OpenVPN and Hotspot Shield VPN. OpenVPN is, or should I say, can be free if you know how set it up, while Hotspot Shield VPN provides a trial version with ads (means have full functionality but will be annoyed by the ads) and you can buy the full version if you are satisfied with the service.
So you can see for yourselves what the VPN can do. Remember, VPN doesn't work without the ISP dumb door.

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